Ali G In Da House Drinking Game Hot

Ali G In Da House Drinking Game Rules

One Sip
- When Ali G say's 'Julie'
- When there is a Drug reference
- When Ali G has a new set of clothing on
- When Ali G says 'innit'
- When 'East Staines Massive' and 'West Staines Massive' is mentioned

Full Beer
- When Ali G gets the whole labour party high

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Ali G In Da House Drinking Game Info

Film Summary

British comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen plays Ali G, who is the leader of “Da West Staines Massiv”, a group of “gangsters” from Staines. Ali G is disheartened by the fact that their local leisure centre is going to be knocked down by the council. It is now up to Ali G to save the leisure centre but with their rival gang, “Da East Staines Massiv” and the council to deal with it is not going to be an easy task – or is it. Expect adult humour and drug references throughout.

Main Cast

Sacha Baron Cohen - Ali G
Martin Freeman - Ricky C
Tony Way - Dave
Nabil Elouahabi - Jezzy F
Emilio Rivera - Rico
Gina La Piana - Gina Lapiana

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