American Pie 1 Drinking Game Hot

Take 1 gulp when:
- When a main character has a drink in their hand
- When Stiffler says something funny/stupid
- When The Sherminator references himself
- When sex is referenced
- When there is an awkward moment between Jim and his dad

Drink half/full beer depending on how much you can drink when:
- When Nadia Gets Naked
- When Jim fucks the apple pie

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American Pie 1 Drinking Game Info

Film Summary

Four teenage boys decide to make a pact together in which they have to lose their virginity by the time prom night arrives

Main Cast

Jason Biggs - Jim Levenstein
Chris Klein - Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher
Thomas Ian Nicholas - Kevin Myers
Alyson Hannigan - Michelle Flaherty
Shannon Elizabeth - Nadia
Tara Reid - Victoria 'Vicky' Lathum
Eddie Kaye Thomas - Paul Finch
Seann William Scott - Steve Stifler
Eugene Levy - Jim's Dad
Natasha Lyonne - Jessica
Mena Suvari - Heather
Jennifer Coolidge - Stifler's Mom


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